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Fix signature of `Logger.debug()`HEADmaster
Summary: The default argument `level=1` must not come before any positional arguments; it must be accepted as a keyword argument. As signified by the pylint comments, the signature previously did not conform to the specification given in This commit fixes a longstanding problem with crashes occurring in certain scenarios when the debug level is set to 9. One such crash could be observed from within SQLAlchemy, which calls `debug()` in the following way: `pool.logger.debug("Created new connection %r", connection)` That call caused pykolab's `Logger.debug()` method to interpret its second argument as a numeric `level`, which resulted in a `TypeError` because it was actually an `sqlite3.Connection`. By accepting `level` as a keyword argument, all arguments are now interpreted in the correct order. Reviewers: mollekopf, sicherha Reviewed By: sicherha Subscribers: ghane Differential Revision:
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