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nother attempt to add more logging and fix wallace messages not being delivered and staying in spool directory
Summary: Adding more logs that should show why _sendmail function does not start a "while" delivery loop and unliking file does not happen. Also some code polishing. Test Plan: none Reviewers: machniak, vanmeeuwen Reviewed By: machniak Subscribers: petersen Differential Revision:
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diff --git a/wallace/ b/wallace/
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--- a/wallace/
+++ b/wallace/
@@ -1355,7 +1355,8 @@ def send_owner_notification(resource, owner, itip_event, success=True):
resource['cn'], participant_status_label(status) if success else _('failed')
- modules._sendmail(resource['mail'], owner['mail'], msg.as_string())
+ result = modules._sendmail(resource['mail'], owner['mail'], msg.as_string())
+ log.debug(_("Owner notification was sent successfully: %r") % result, level=8)
def owner_notification_text(resource, owner, event, success):
organizer = event.get_organizer()