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diff --git a/conf/kolab.conf b/conf/kolab.conf
index c1efe67..84511a1 100644
--- a/conf/kolab.conf
+++ b/conf/kolab.conf
@@ -135,8 +135,20 @@ address_search_attrs = mail, alias
skin = default
sql_uri = mysql://user:pass@localhost/database
+; Use the following setting to indicate the API is installed on a different
+; system, or in a non-standard location.
;api_url = http://localhost/kolab-webadmin/api
+; Configure SSL should you want to have the web admin panel (client interface)
+; use the API over HTTPS.
+;ssl_verify_peer = false
+;ssl_verify_host = false
+;ssl_cafile = /path/to/ca/file
+;ssl_capath = /path/to/ca/dir
+;ssl_local_cert = /path/to/local/cert
+;ssl_passphrase = MyPassword
; The URI to use to connect to IMAP. Note that pykolab itself can detect whether
; or not Cyrus IMAP is deployed in a Murder topology, and should be able to