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* Be more forgiving on dummy entries in DTSTAMP,LAST-MODIFIED and CREATED (Bifr...Aleksander Machniak2019-04-121-19/+7
* Improve proplist ordering routineThomas Bruederli2015-03-281-2/+10
* Move ustr() to xml utilities moduleThomas Bruederli2015-03-261-0/+18
* Improve object diff computation: ignore order of attribute lists (e.g. attach...Thomas Bruederli2015-03-241-4/+44
* Add support for invitations of recurring events and single occurrences (#4552)Thomas Bruederli2015-02-171-0/+5
* Fix property_to_string() utiliy function and its testsThomas Bruederli2015-02-161-1/+1
* Fix event.get_next_occurence() computation with infinitely recurring all-day ...Thomas Bruederli2014-12-231-1/+1
* Fix timezone assignment in datetime conversion: use timezone.localize() to ge...Thomas Bruederli2014-10-081-4/+10
* List event/task properties changes in update notification mails (#3447)Thomas Bruederli2014-08-221-2/+128
* Add utility function to compute diffs between two objects (converted to dicts)Thomas Bruederli2014-08-221-0/+67
* Make sure created and last-modified dates are saved in UTC; add folder type p...Thomas Bruederli2014-08-211-1/+12
* Translate UTC and GMT timezones into the according isUTC flagThomas Bruederli2014-08-191-1/+4
* Basic support for recurring resource invitationsThomas Bruederli2014-03-041-3/+4
* Import RRULE property from iCalThomas Bruederli2014-03-041-1/+1
* Use libkolab bindings to compute recurring event instances + add tests for thisThomas Bruederli2014-03-041-0/+3
* Remove duplicated code for datetime conversionThomas Bruederli2014-02-211-0/+75
* Fix return value of pykolab.xml.utils.to_dtThomas Bruederli2014-02-201-2/+1
* Fix type check of date/time objectsThomas Bruederli2014-02-201-1/+1
* Add utils for common actionsJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2012-07-131-0/+19