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Delete domains by status change and related improvements e.g.
check if domain is empty and warn the user before setting status to deleted TODO: shell script for real domains deletion
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--- a/lib/locale/en_US.php
+++ b/lib/locale/en_US.php
@@ -49,10 +49,11 @@ $LANG['domain.add'] = 'Add Domain';
$LANG['domain.add.success'] = 'Domain created successfully.';
$LANG['domain.associateddomain'] = 'Domain name(s)';
$LANG['domain.delete.confirm'] = 'Are you sure, you want to delete this domain?';
+$LANG['domain.delete.force'] = "There are users assigned to this domain.\nAre you sure, you want to delete this domain and all assigned objects?";
$LANG['domain.delete.success'] = 'Domain deleted successfully.';
$LANG['domain.edit'] = 'Edit domain';
$LANG['domain.edit.success'] = 'Domain updated successfully.';
-$LANG['domain.inetdomainbasedn'] = 'Custom Root DN(s)';
+$LANG['domain.inetdomainbasedn'] = 'Custom Root DN';
$LANG['domain.inetdomainstatus'] = 'Status';
$LANG['domain.list'] = 'Domains List';
$LANG['domain.norecords'] = 'No domain records found!';